Koozie Madness

December 02, 2018

A full-stack online store built with React, Apollo, GraphQL, Prisma, and Stripe.

Koozie Madness App mockup

The Tech Stack


  • React.js

    • For building the interface along with:
    • Next.js for server side rendering, routing and tooling
    • Styled Components for styling
    • React-Apollo for interfacing with Apollo Client
  • Apollo Client

    • For Data Management
    • Performing GraphQL Mutations
    • Fetching GraphQL Queries
    • Caching GraphQL Data
    • Managing Local State
    • Error and Loading UI States
    • Apollo Client replaces the need for redux + data fetching/caching libraries


  • GraphQL Yoga

    • An Express GraphQL Server for:
    • Implementing Query and Mutation Resolvers
    • Custom Server Side Logic
    • Charging Credit Cards
    • Sending Email
    • Performing JWT Authentication
    • Checking Permissions
  • Prisma - GraphQL ORM (Object Relational Mapping) - connects our Node.js backend server to any database

    • A GraphQL Database Interface
    • Provides a set of GraphQL CRUD APIs for MySQL or Postgres Database
    • Schema Definition
    • Data Relationships
    • Queried Directly from our Yoga Server
    • Self-hosted or as-a-service

Koozie Madness Stripe mockup


  • JWT authentication with custom permissions
  • Credit card checkout via Stripe
  • Easily manage items for sale

    • Create, edit, view, and remove items
    • Upload item image
    • Search items
  • Password recovery via email
  • Testing with Jest and Enzyme

Future enhancements

  • Update layout to look better on mobile
  • Custom 404 page

Check out the source on Github - Frontend and Backend

Visit the live site here