November 13, 2018

An expense tracking app built with React, Redux, and Firebase.

This expense tracking app is designed to store and show users’ expenses each month.

Expensify App mockup


  • JavaScript - ECMAScript 6
  • SASS - SCSS preprocessor
  • Node modules
  • React - JavaScript library
  • Redux - JavaScript library for managing application state
  • Testing with Jest, Enzyme
  • Cloud database storage and user authentication with Firebase

Expensify App login mockup


  • Responsive Web Design

  • Integration with Firebase:

    • Authentication with Google, Facebook, or Github accounts
  • Easily manage expenses

    • Create, edit, view, and remove expenses
    • Filter by date or amount
    • Search expenses

Future enhancements

  • Custom 404 page
  • Show username when logged in
  • Display number of hidden expenses when filter is set

To see the full source, click here and you can visit the live site here